This is The Exact Time You Should Go To Sleep If You Need To Wake Up At 7am

on Mar, 31 2017 in Facts/Information 17279 views
Sleep is something that humans require to survive. Whether or not it is to just let your body recover and heal or to engage in the warm, comfy clouds that are your pillows and mattress, sleep is something that a lot of humans (and other animals) hold dear to them. And the mental benefits are just as good as the physical ones, getting to relieve stress, giving the brain some time to rest and probably the most fun of all; visiting your vast subconscious mind that is the dream world.

While many believe that 8 hours is the ideal amount of time one should sleep, what is truly the definition of ‘good sleep’ and how can one acquire it?

Read on to find out the exact times you should be going to bed.