Things Retail Workers Really Want You To Know

on Apr, 19 2017 in Facts/Information 2025 views

#1 Being rude to the employees gets you nowhere.

Hey, we've all been there. It's frustrating when you go to the store or to that fast food restaurant and they don't have something or they can't use your coupon or offer you that discount. But these employees you're face-to-face with don't make the decisions. They make minimum wage and do as they're told. What do you think being rude will accomplish besides embarrassing yourself? I'm sure it feels good to take your attitude out on someone else but everyone is staring at you in disbelief while they shake their heads in shame. Stop it.


#2 We can’t change the prices no matter how much you ask.

The company sets the prices, not the retail workers. If you really want to talk dollars I can give you head office’s number?

We don’t make the rules. When I tell you that I can’t take a discount off something, or that I can’t take your coupon, please believe me. Trust me, it would make both our lives easier if I could just do what you want me to do, but I don’t get to make those decisions.

#3 please believe on us!

When I tell you that I’m out of a product, please believe me. Trust me when I tell you... I want to sell you something! We are actively trying to make a sale! When I tell you that an item is out of stock, please believe that I’m not running into the back room when you leave and rolling around naked on a pile of that very item that you asked me for.


#4 They’re Not “Happy to Help” Two Minutes Before Closing Time

Imagine this scenario: It is 4:58 on a Friday afternoon. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and Netflix is calling. You’re in the starting block position and looking directly at the door. Then, your boss saunters in and casually asks you to take care of an assignment that was due three hours ago. Goodbye sun. Goodbye Netflix.
This is what it is like when you rock up to your favorite store two minutes before it closes. That overwhelming dread as the automatic doors open just before the freedom bell rings is something retail workers experience every day.
Make everyone happy. If you have to go into a store at closing time, move like there’s a ticking clock. For the love of the weekend, don’t touch anything you don’t need.


#5 Search Patiently

We generally dig the whole lot of clothes in two minutes and find out the best garment which fits us. But before doing this, remember that it takes more than two hours for the staff to fold and arrange the shelves.