Pictures That Will Make You Just A Little Bit Uncomfortable

on Apr, 12 2017 in WTF/OMG 80549 views
Looking at any of these uncomfortable pictures will make you really uncomfortable. That’s why they’re called ‘uncomfortable’ pictures. Come on, keep up.
I’m having a hard time looking at these, myself. But in a way, they’re kind of satisfying. It’s like one of those facebook tests you take because you’re bored and you want to see how well you can do on a meaningless task. They’re just like that, only you’re seeing how long you can look at them without clawing your own eyes out. It’s hard, isn’t it? I can’t take it anymore, I’m removing myself from the situation.
Take a good long look at these uncomfortable photos and see if you don’t feel like running away screaming. Have a nice long look at that guy’s laptop. Who needs that many icons?! Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments section.