How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Losing Their Virginity

on Apr, 18 2017 in Zodiac/Horoscope 3008 views

#1 Aries:

If you are an Aries, it is highly likely that you are adventurous, energetic, courageous and enthusiastic when it comes to sex. Because of this, you will lose your virginity pretty spontaneously. Whether that is on spring break with a cutie from the hotel or with your prom date, having sex is not something that you want to plan. You want it to happen naturally and randomly and therefore it is going to be incredibly exciting either way.


#2 Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the type of girl you ask if she’s still a virgin and she shrugs and says not anymore.

This girl is all about loving life and while sex is fun, it’s also just another experience she wants to have.

She won’t often make a big deal out of losing her virginity (unless it is extra special for some reason) because it puts too much pressure on the situation.

She would much rather just have fun and get on with all the other fun things going on in her life.

#3 Virgo

Virgo has a sliding scale of emotions when it comes to life events.

Sometimes she cares A LOT and other times she only pretends to care when she knows others are happy or excited for her.

This same can definitely be said for losing her virginity, which can land on both sides of the scale somehow.

This isn’t to say that Virgo is going to be a wet blanket the entire time. In fact, she would take it to heart that you would want to help her lose her virginity.

And if her partner is more into it than she is, she will make sure they know that she really enjoys spending time with them, no matter what they’re doing.


#4 Aquarius

Aquarius isn’t one of those people who view virginity as something that should be cherished.

She would much rather do it just to get it over with, especially for the reason that so many people make it out to be a big deal.

When she does do it, she wants to remind her partner that she doesn’t have big expectations.

This is something she wants to do, and she’ll have fun doing it, but she won’t get her hopes up just to be disappointed. This is purely a fun thing for her.



Gemini is already a pretty complicated girl, but when it comes to a big decision such as losing her virginity, she can get all kinds of frazzled.

She might try to shrug it off like it’s nothing too special, but for her, it IS a big decision and we all know how terrible she is at those.

For the most part, she will have mixed feelings leading up to and through losing her virginity.

Once it’s over, she will be happy that she did it, but still be conflicted because she “lost” something special.