Hot Celebrities That Are A Lot Older Than You Think

on Apr, 17 2017 in Celebrities 2678 views

#1 Sarah Hyland, age 26

The "Modern Family" star could easily pass for someone in her late teens. It must be awesome. Well, except for when you want to buy alcohol.


#2 Jennifer Aniston, age 48

Jennifer Aniston has constantly found ways to reinvent herself but one thing has always remained the same, she is a stunning beauty that is seemingly ageless. We know she puts in a lot of hard work to keep her amazing shape and oh boy has it paid off in the form of a body that most 20-year-olds would kill for.

#3 Pharrell, age 44

Want to know why Pharrell is so happy all the time? Because no matter how old he gets his face will remain locked in it's early 20's. The man has inspired countless rumors and memes suggesting he is a vampire or some kind of immortal based on his ageless looks. Who knows, it might be true.


#4 Jim Parsons, age 44

That's right, Sheldon Cooper is closer to 50 than he is to 30. Let that settle in for a moment.


#5 Halle Berry, age 50

50-year-old Halle Berry has been eye candy for longer than many think. At her age, you would think she would be slowing down, but nope, she is as active as ever with a face that defies time.