Epic Yoga Fails That Are Funny AF

on Mar, 09 2017 in Funny 7027 views
Namaste. Yoga – it’s not just a workout, but a way of life. It is a means of being one with the supreme, of being one with your innermost self, of being one with nature. It helps you achieve a balance in life that’s physical, mental, and holistic.

Most of you who have tried your hand at yoga must have heard something along these lines from an instructor, a video, or even from a book. And if done properly, yoga can indeed be one of your best friends – for physical, mental, and wholesome well-being. The key point here is how you attempt to do yoga. The breathing, the posture, the finesse can all come later – the first thing to remember is not to overdo it.

And yet, to get their one moment of fame, people tend to do a lot more than they can. So sometimes it’s their bodies that fail them at rather inopportune moments, and sometimes, it’s that dratted piece of furniture that looked sturdy but fails the yoga test. And then there are those who are so “into” their yoga poses that they fail to notice their surroundings – we do applaud their concentration. Okay, that was a lie – we don’t! And these are the people that we’d like to put our spotlight on. The people who have made yoga funny AF! Remember that if being stuck in a yoga pose sounds funny, it looks even funnier. Here are some epic yoga fails, from people (and creatures) that did too much, too soon that were just too funny.