Actresses With The Most Exes. Who Has The Highest Body Count?

on Apr, 01 2017 in Celebrities 4374 views
Everybody has a specific number of partners they’ve been intimate with, and sometimes bringing up that number can lead to one of the most awkward and deceitful conversations of your life. Most dudes tend to basically double their total. And if you have a super low number, you might even triple it, and rationalize your lie by including really heavy make-out sessions. Other people have the opposite problem. They’ve had too many partners and don’t want to look like a freak. Some people have even lost count. If you’ve had over 20, you’re doing well. Congratulations! That’s a bedroom master in my book, but depending on who you’re talking to, you might want to bring it down to a more respectable 17.

Now just imagine if you were rich and famous. That magic number would surely go up, right? Well in many cases, celebs are just like us, and numbers range quite a bit. Now keep in mind these celebrity totals only represent the publicized affairs. If Orlando Bloom bangs three hot nobody-tourists on a holiday weekend in Ibiza, those girls won’t increase his number.

This list concerns actress magic numbers, but let’s mention more famous dudes first. John Mayer is only 11. Brad Pitt has documented a 19. Jay-Z has had 22. Young Mr. Bieber already tallied 34. Drake comes in at 39. And the supermodel king, Leo Dicaprio, nailed 40. Now let’s see how the ladies compare.