15 Weird And Disturbing Coming Of Age Rituals Around The World

on Mar, 07 2017 in Life Style/ Culture 23026 views
The journey into adulthood is a universal one, a shared experience that connects people across the globe. While every culture has their own celebration of boys and girls transitioning into men and women, it is a significant stage of life that transcends pretty much all boundaries. The rites of passage that symbolize this transition are long-lasting and steeped in tradition, with this stage being recognized and feted by different civilizations throughout the course of human history.

So why has this particular facet of human life been so emphasized, so celebrated? Regardless of cultural background, there exists a common collective need to assist in guiding the younger generation into adulthood. In a way, these coming of age rituals represent something of a mission accomplished in that pursuit. Although they come at slightly different times in a young person’s life, rites like a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a Quinceanera or even a Sweet 16 all commemorate, in a way, a young person ready to use accumulated knowledge to contribute to society as an adult.

The three aforementioned rituals are some of the more commonly known and widely recognized ones out there, but that doesn’t make them the only ones. The world is full of coming of age rituals, including some that are rather, well, unconventional. What essentially amounts to a party with some ceremonial elements in certain parts of the globe can take on an entirely different significance and symbolic representation elsewhere. As you’ll see with these 15 coming of age rituals from around the world, the journey into adulthood for some can mean bizarre adventures, daring feats and, often, pain.