15 Hot Celebs Who Don’t Fit In Their Clothes

on Feb, 28 2017 in Celebrities 20334 views
Do you remember those days when showing less meant more? Don’t feel bad if you don’t because that was eons ago. The years have flown by right along with that ancient myth. Now in fact, wearing less actually means much, much more. Hot celebrities realize this even more than the average Jane. This is just one of the reasons why celebrities are often caught in situations where they don’t fit in their clothes. They know how important it is to squeeze into that new style that doesn’t fit their shape properly. Oftentimes their most famed assets are seen pushed forth, squeezed in, or bulging out. They also know how much attention they will get if they slide into that oversized, low dipped top. This is usually pulled off without a bra, which allows their most prized assets to flow just a little bit too freely.

Another thing that celebrities have changed through the years are their bodies. If a celebrity doesn’t like their boobs they get them fixed. The same goes for their waists, legs, faces, and butt. In fact, celebrities enhance and decrease so much that they oftentimes can’t fit in their clothes. Their bottoms and chests barely fit into their pants, shirts, or dresses. It’s all about trying to one-up the next girl. The one whose assets are more bountiful, or more plump wins. The one who wears it tighter, looser, or less of it also wins.

You see, it’s just a messy catfight of a world that these hot celebs live in. We may not agree with the reasons why they don’t fit in their clothes. In fact, we don’t even condone the reasons. However, this is just how it is now, and boy do we love to look. Here’s 15 celebs who don’t fit in their clothes.