15 Gross Things Guys Do When Their Girlfriend Leaves Them Alone

on Mar, 09 2017 in Relationships/Dating 8294 views
So you are in a relationship and it is going great. In fact it seems like you might have what it takes to make it long term. When the two of you are together, everything is just totally fantastic. But what about when you two are not together? Then what happens? At some point you two have to leave each other alone of course, and when you do that things are bound to get weird – at least where the guy is concerned anyway.

We all know that when women are left to their own devices they just chill out, catch up on watching Making the Team and do some cleaning or baking brownies or something, right? Okay I admit it, I have no idea what you chicks do when you are by yourselves.

But one thing I do know, and that is what guys do when they are all alone. And these things could be when we are just alone for a half an hour, or when we are alone for a month. Us dudes are really pretty predictable after all. But even then, most of you ladies don’t have any idea what we get up to when left to our own devices. Well, we do all sorts of things, most of which you are probably going to think is pretty gross.

Here are 15 Gross Things Guys Do When Their Girlfriend Leaves Them Alone.