15 Chilling Horror Stories From The World’s Harshest Deserts

on Mar, 07 2017 in Creepy/Scary 11762 views
Deserts are not to be messed with. Many have ventured or gotten lost in the desert and have never been seen again. People wonder what happens to those brave souls that never come back, while other lucky few who do happen to return, usually have a strange tale about what occurs in those vast and barren wastelands. As a result, deserts have been linked with ghost stories for centuries, and spooky legends have been spread about them that have crept into the minds of people all over the world.

Life in the desert is extremely difficult. It is a surreal and remorseless place, filled with terrifying creatures that have adapted their way of life to the most extreme habitats. It’s no wonder everyone fears the desert, since all the animals and creatures that live there are out to kill you. There have been cases, however, where those creatures are not of the natural kind. Some tell of mysterious beasts with piercing red eyes that resemble Big Foot. Others have encountered ghosts that haunt their every night, driving them mad with terror. Some desert towns have dealt with these anomalies for years.

Here is a list of the most popular horror stories in desert lore. You may take these tales as true or false, but whatever the case is, you can be certain that if you do venture into the desert, peril and danger will wait for you there.